1. We are a Registered Youth led non-profit Organization from Kenya that works through Community participation on Environment Protection, Ecological Restoration, Clean water, Health and sanitation, Youth leadership, Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Development along Lake Victoria Basin in Busia County in Kenya.
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Our Mission

Our mission at Kenge Content Hive is to publish content, mobilize, and educate communities in the Lake Victoria Basin, Busia County, Kenya. Through these efforts, we aim to raise community awareness and promote public support for crucial issues such as environment protection, ecological restoration, climate justice, clean water, quality education,poverty reduction, health and sanitation, energy, youth leadership, economic empowerment, and sustainable development. Join us in creating a positive impact for the communities along Lake Victoria Basin.

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What We Do?

Accumulation of waste is difficult to Avoid into the Lake Victoria and along the Basin, Kenge Content Hive Educates the Communities along Lake Victoria on the 3Rs,(Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) of Waste Management and Acts as a Watchdog to monitor Waste activities in the Community so as to conserve resources and preserve the Nature.

Tree Planting

‘’The true meaning of Life is to Plant Trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit'' Focusing on areas along lake Victoria Basin in Kenya, we  mobilize vigorous tree planting for impact programmes and help Protect, Conserve and restore our Environment with an aim of creating a generation of Environmentally responsive persons.’’

Sustainable Development
  1. Sustainability is a major priority in every initiative we do.We Publish, share and disseminate Content in a locally accessible manner on the best development practices and activities within Busia County, Help highlight essential contribution of education for sustainable development , Promoting skill development and nurturing of talents along lake Victoria and Help Attain the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Making Peace with Nature is the defining task of 21st Century, it must be the top priority for everyone, everywhere.

- Antonio Guterres, Director General, United Nations.

How WE HELP Reduce Global Warming

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is on the rise around the world and it's because of us. Humans are burning fossil fuels; Coal, Oil and natural gas. When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amount of Carbon Dioxide, a greenhouse gas into air. Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere causing global warming. Addressing Climate change could bring out the best in humanity through solidarity, cooperations and innovations setting the stage for future health and prosperity for many generations to come. In helping reduce global warming, Kenge Content Hive works with communities in Tree planting projects since Trees Act as a buffer for Global Warming and Bestow us with cool and Free Air for Breathing and also leads the community through Activism and advocacy in speaking up for Urgent actions to be taken to end addiction to fossil fuels and educating the community on the need to embrace renewable energy.

By donating to us, you contribute to the growth of trees involving the entire community. You also help build the capacities of youth and women in climate mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, early warning systems, poverty reduction and the pursuit of sustainable development goals. Your Support enables us to create a positive and lasting solution in our community.