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Our History

Kenge Content Hive, a youth-led non-profit organization, was established in 2020 with a visionary goal to make a lasting impact in the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya. Inspired by the indigenous communities that originally inhabited the region, known as "Kenge," our organization was founded by Oscar Ryan Ouma.

From the very beginning, Kenge Content Hive has been dedicated to fostering positive change through community engagement, education, advocacy, and activism. Our primary objective is to promote the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Lake Victoria Basin, a crucial area for environmental conservation.

At Kenge Content Hive, we firmly believe that education is the key to transforming societies and creating a better future for all. With this in mind, we collaborate closely with local communities to implement impactful programs centred around tree growing, climate education, health and wellbeing. By focusing on nature-based solutions to address the pressing climate crisis, we aim to save lives and safeguard a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Furthermore, our overarching mission extends beyond environmental conservation. We aspire to nurture and raise a conscious generation that understands the importance of sustainable practices, empathy, and social responsibility. By empowering young people with knowledge, skills, and opportunities, we aim to cultivate a collective mindset that embraces positive change and drives meaningful action.

Through our continued efforts, Kenge Content Hive has been making significant strides in promoting sustainable development, raising awareness about environmental issues, and inspiring youth-led initiatives. Under Our Project: Kenge LakeGuardians: Restoring Resilience along Lake Victoria Basin, We've been able to Plant over 19,200 Tree seedlings with the involvement of our community. 

Join us in our journey to shape a conscious generation and build a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a tangible difference and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Our Vision

At Kenge Content Hive, we envision a Lake Victoria Basin in Kenya where communities are actively aware of and engaged in issues of environmental protection, ecological restoration, clean water, health and sanitation, energy access, youth leadership, economic empowerment, and sustainable development. Through our work, we aim to raise public support and foster a sense of responsibility towards these crucial concerns, creating a future where the well-being of people and the environment are harmoniously intertwined. Join us in shaping a sustainable and prosperous Lake Victoria Basin for generations to come.             

Our Future

In our pursuit of a sustainable future, Kenge Content Hive is committed to addressing the pressing environmental challenges that impact the health and livelihoods of communities. We firmly believe that the protection and restoration of nature are essential not only for mitigating climate breakdown but also for preventing and reducing vulnerability to future pandemics.

As an organization, we are dedicated to implementing natural climate solutions and sustainable development projects in the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya. By focusing on these initiatives, we aim to tackle the root causes of environmental degradation and create a resilient and thriving ecosystem.

Through community engagement, education, and advocacy, we are working towards a future where the interconnection between nature and human well-being is recognized and prioritized. By investing in nature-based solutions and sustainable practices, we can safeguard the health and prosperity of both present and future generations.

Join us as we shape a future where nature is restored, vulnerabilities are reduced, and communities thrive in harmony with the environment. Together, we can build resilience and create a better world for all.

By donating to us, you contribute to the growth of trees involving the entire community. You also help build the capacities of youth and women in climate mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, early warning systems, poverty reduction and the pursuit of sustainable development goals. Your Support enables us to create a positive and lasting solution in our community.


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Our Goals

Sustainability is a priority in everything we do at Kenge Content Hive. The sustainable development goals are global goals set by United Nations to solve economic, social and environmental challenges by 2030. We at Kenge Content Hive do our part with the communities along Lake Victoria basin to promote the achievement of these goals.

SDG 13
SDG 10
SDG 11
SDG 12
SDG 14
SDG 15
SDG 16
SDG 17

Agenda 2063

At Kenge Content Hive, we are committed to aligning our work with the strategic framework of Agenda 2063. As an organization focused on sustainable development, we actively contribute to the aspirations and priorities outlined in Agenda 2063. By addressing key pillars such as economic growth, human development, social justice, and environmental sustainability, we strive to create positive change that supports the broader vision of a prosperous and united Africa. Through partnerships, community engagement, and youth leadership development, we actively contribute to the goals and targets of Agenda 2063, playing our part in shaping a brighter future for the continent and its people.

Our Partners

Kenge Content Hive works within the remits of the UN SDG GOAL 17 to successfully implement various projects and initiatives to easily attain set goals.

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